Spanish Digital Escape Room for the House and Chores Vocabulary


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This Spanish Digital Escape Room for the House and Chores is a super fun Breakout Game. Students must follow the clues in order to escape the house. The Sala de escape para la casa y los quehaceres provides students with more comprehensible input in Spanish and practice of the house and chores vocabulary. Students watch a video, then answer questions about the video, put a puzzle together, answer questions about furniture, rooms in the house, and chores, and follow six clues in order to escape. Students may work in pairs or individually.


Instructions for the teacher for the La casa Escape Room


Link to La sala de escape para la casa y los quehaceres

Student Handouts of vocabulary for the house, rooms in the house, furniture in the house / los muebles / and kitchen items, related adjectives, chores / los quehaceres / related verbs and the expressions, “tener que + infinitivo, tener ganas de + infinitivo, tener razón,” and, “estar equivocado.”

Vocabulary necessary for students to follow instructions

Six clues

Four locks / cerraduras that students must open

Clue # 1: Students read a paragraph extracting the red letters to form a sentence which leads them to the first activity

Activity # 1: Students answer questions about rooms in the house and furniture in each room

Clue # 2: Students follow instructions that lead them to a puzzle of a bathroom which instructs them to click on the “inodoro.”

Video: Students watch a video of person desribing each room and the furniture in each room. The video is interactive so students answer questions intermittently, recording their answers on the video sheet. (The sample video shows only a portion of the video.)

Video questions answer sheet

Activity in which students answer questions about what they do in each room: ¿En qué cuarto preparas la comida? ¿En qué cuarto comes?

Photographs of living room, bathroom, and dresser (Students click items that lead them to the next activities.)

Activity in which students answer questions about chores and what people have to do and did according to the images. ¿Qué tiene que hacer Melisa?

Notes Handout on which students write the clues for each lock

Article in a fake newspaper about children doing chores

Answer Keys

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Your students will love La casa escape room.

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