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This Spanish digital Escape Room is a super-fun breakout game that students will LOVE! They must follow the clues in order to get out of the locked gym. (This game was inspired by the guy who got locked in the 24-hour Fitness gym.) The Sala de escape helps students practice the vocabulary and expressions for the verbs SER and ESTAR and learn when to use each verb.

Grade Levels
9-12; Homeschool
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Games; Internet Activities


What Buyers Have Said:
~ “Thank you! Students really enjoyed moving through this escape room with their classmates. This generated a lot of discussion and engagement.”
~ “Great resource that my students really enjoyed!”
~ “The students and I love escape rooms and this one is digital! Perfect! (I don’t have the skill to dream these up, so I am glad I found this.)”
~ “Excellent product that my students enjoyed and saved me a ton of prep time!”
~ “Awesome!”
~ “Escape rooms help build community in class.”


This Spanish Digital Ser Estar Escape Room is a super fun Breakout Game. Students must follow the clues in order to get out of the locked gym. The Sala de escape para ser y estar provides students with more comprehensible input in Spanish and practice of the vocabulary and expressions for the verbs SER and ESTAR. Students complete the sentences with the verbs ser or estar, fill in a cloze activity for a song, complete the sentences in a story, and explain why they chose the verbs ser or estar. Students may work in pairs or individually.
If you would like to see the entire video preview (the video preview cuts off at two minutes), click the following link: Ser Estar Digital Escape Room Preview


  • Instructions for the teacher for the Ser Estar Escape Room
  • Timer
  • Link to La sala de escape para ser y estar
  • Student Handout with all the verb tenses and conjugations of ser and estar, expressions that use both verbs, and explanations of when to use each verb
  • Vocabulary necessary for students to follow instructions
  • Five clues
  • Four locks / cerraduras that students must open
  • Clue # 1: Students read a paragraph extracting the red letters to form a sentence which leads them to the first activity.
  • Activity # 1: Students complete the sentences of the story choosing the correct forms of ser or estar.
  • Clue # 2: Students follow instructions that lead them to a YouTube song. After listening to the song, students fill out the cloze activity that is included in their notes sheet.
  • Clue and Activity # 3: Students complete the story by choosing the correct form of ser or estar.
  • Activity # 4: Students explain why each verb is used. For example: Son las tres y media / la hora
  • Photographs of the following which students click on to find the clues: twins in the story, green keys, soccer play, girl in the gym
  • Notes Handout on which students write the clues for each lock
  • Answer Keys
  • Extra Activity for advanced learners, Spanish Three and above: Students watch a movie in Edpuzzle and answer the questions.
IMPORTANT: Please check to make sure all links work before assigning this activity to your students. Some districts block certain websites. You will need access to Google Sites, Youtube, Google Forms, EdPuzzle, and Google Slides. Before purchasing, please check to ensure you are able to use these sites.
I am not liable if your district blocks these sites or if the product does not work correctly due to blocked sites.
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