Spanish Food La comida Interactive Notebook Activities


My students were a hundred percent engaged and able to talk about what they ate after categorizing and labeling the food, answering questions and filling in the diagrams.

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Spanish Food La comida Interactive Notebook Activities by Angie Torre

These hands-on activities kept my fidgety 15 and 16-year-old students on task and 100% engaged. The best part is now they can hold a conversation about food in Spanish.

Spanish Food Vocabulary Interactive Notebook Activities include the following resources:



  • Listening activity: As students listen, they color in the appropriate fruit with the correct color, then answer the questions about the fruit
  • Script for the listening activity
  • Activity in which students write what food is good and bad for your health and what foods they eat for dessert
  • Activity in which students glue in, “las frutas,” and write in the Spanish name for each fruit.
  • Activity in which students glue in, “las verduras” and then write in the Spanish name for each vegetable
  • Diagram in which students write what they eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Student Instructions PowerPoint with visuals
  • PowerPoint answers to all activities
  • Student Handout of food and related vocabulary

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