Spanish House and Chores PowerPoint and Curriculum


Everything you need to teach the Spanish House & Chores including a 109-slide Power Point, student handout with 113 vocab words and expressions, Google Drive Interactive Notebook Activity, Bell Ringers, homework, paired activities, projects, and more!

Foreign Language, Spanish
Grade Levels
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Resource Type
PowerPoint Presentations, Lesson Plans (Bundled), Interactive Notebooks


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~”Your powerpoints are great Angie! You did a lot of work putting this all together. I am going to start using this next week! I love all of your power points and TPR stories.”
~”Very helpful! Thank you!”
~”Angie Torre’s resources are always A+….. so much so I just bought the entire curriculum for my Spanish 1 & 2 classes!”


Spanish House and Chores PowerPoint and Curriculum Product Description:

Spanish House and Chores PowerPoint and Curriculum by Angie Torre

This Spanish House and Chores PowerPoint and Curriculum product includes the following:
233 Power Point slides which include:

~109-slide House and Chores Power Point and Interactive Notebook Activites which includes:
a) Visuals of the house and chores for 113 vocabulary words
b) The rooms of the house and the corresponding furniture
c) Visuals and answers that correspond to the Interactive Notebook Activity and also serves as a checking for understanding
d) The expressions, “tener que+ infinitivo”, and “tener ganas de + infinitivo”
e) A check-for-understanding in which the students translate from English into Spanish
f) A practice in which students answer questions using the expressions, “tener que” and “tener ganas de”.

~Interactive Notebook Activity which the teacher prints and gives to students. Students fill in the activity while they watch the Power Point.
~15-slide House & Chores Interactive Notebook Activity in which students move the furniture to match the words, write in the words to match the furniture, and write what chores each person is doing.
~Answers to the Google Drive Interactive Notebook Activity

~Attention Getters
~Bell Work
~Written Interactive Notebook Activity
~Answers to homework
~Answers to Paired Activity

The 34 Word documents and drawings include the following:

~Student handout / study guide with 113 vocabulary words for the house and chores as well as the expressions, “tener que + infinitivo”, and, “tener ganas de + infinitivo”
~Instructions for accessing and using the Google Drive Interactive Notebook Activity
~Board Game in which students identify vocabulary words by running to the board
~Competition in which students answer questions about their house and chores
~Two Homework Assigments
~Project in which students draw their house, the rooms in the house, the furniture, and write an essay describing their house and chores. Rubric is included
~Paired Activity in which students listen to the sentences and grab the furniture or chore mentioned
~Paired activity in which students ask and answer questions about the chores they have to do. They practice the expression, “tener que + infinitivo”.
~Two TPR Stories using the vocabulary of the house and chores.
~Rubrics for the story they write using the same vocabulary

All files are editable except the instructions.

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