Spanish Three Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year


This curriculum is kid-tested, refined during 30 years of teaching. Lesson plans include comprehensible input, TPR Stories, games, engaging Power Points, interactive notebook activities, songs, audios for absent students, and much more.

Buyers have said:
~ “Beautifully organized, useful and, at times, a real life-saver – thank you!”
~ I recently purchased this and LOVE what I have used so far. The lesson plans are easy to follow and everything you need for it is easily organized in a folder for that day. The lessons are challenging and fun. My students have loved the interactive power points as well. The best part is I finally have hope that as a newer teacher I won’t always have to spend all my evenings prepping forever. I see much potential for time savings and increased learning ahead. Thank you Angie!
~ “Best purchase ever!! LOVE the power points. I can use what I need and I usually end up using all of it because the activities are so good for the students. The lesson plans have great explanations.”
~”The quality of the plans are great and I look forward to integrating tprs more into my lessons. Thanks so much!”
~ Absolutely amazing, brilliant work. I have already used this several times in my room with my Exprésate 3 book. I have used some notes for my Spanish 4 classroom as well as review. Thank you so much!
~ “I’ve used Angie’s curriculum bundles for levels 1 and 2. I pull some of the google drive activities from this curriculum to use with my level 2s for distance learning. The activities and plans are well thought out and very comprehensive. It has saved my sanity while teaching this year and especially during the pandemic of distance learning. I can’t wait to use the rest of the curriculum for my 3s next year.”

Grade Levels
10-12; Homeschool
Resource Type
PowerPoint Presentations; Lesson Plans (Bundled); Whole Course



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