Spanish One and Two Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year


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Everything you need to teach Spanish 1 and 2. No textbook needed! This curriculum is kid-tested, refined during 30 years of teaching. No-prep lesson plans include TPR Stories, 16 videos, games, PowerPoints, interactive notebook activities, Google Drive Activitties, tests, songs, audios, and so much more!


Foreign Language, Spanish
Grade Levels
7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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Textook, Lesson Plans (Bundled), Printables, PowerPoints


Buyers Have Said:
~”Excellent resources!!! These materials show your classroom experience and a great understanding of what students need to learn Spanish! The only downside is the download process, how long it takes and making sure to organize the folders properly, but with the quantity and quality of the work, it is worth every minute I spend downloading and organizing! Thank you again Angie for putting together this fantastic bundle!”
~”It looks amazing. I am looking forward to downloading it.”
~”Angie’s products are fantastic. They’re very thorough and in a format that can be edited to meet the specific needs of the teacher. She’s also fantastic to work with. She responds very quickly to questions. She’s very accessible. I definitely recommend her products!”
~ “This past school year I used several of her smaller, individual units to see how well I liked them. I was so pleased with them, I decided to ditch the boring Spanish book we have & take the plunge & buy the complete lesson plans and curriculum for both my Spanish One & Two classes. I love how each day has its own folder with everything needed for that day along with it’s own detailed lesson plan. I also like that I can also easily access them separately because they are also duplicated in a “category” folder: i.e. — homework, bell-ringer, interactive notebook, quiz/test, etc. folder. She has thought of everything!”
~ “I am so grateful I was able to purchase the level 1 and 2 curriculum and lesson plans! As a dialysis patient who still teaches full time, this will be a Godsend! I now will have more time to devote to keeping healthy and this will reduce my stress tremendously. All files were easy to download and everything looks very detailed and comprehensive. I look forward to improving my students’ proficiency. Thank you!”
~ “Angie Torre’s materials are comprehensive, creative, and comprehensible. I have tried many different curriculums. This is by far the easiest to use and covers everything imaginable. If you are looking for a curriculum that has little to no prep, is engaging, and fun to teach, then look no further. This is the curriculum for you.”
~ “I love using this resource. The materials are engaging and easy for the students to understand. However, the format was not easy to follow for me. I contacted the author. She immediately responded to all of my questions. She even indexed the lesson plan to help the teachers to navigate the content providing links (lesson plan, interactive notebooks, worksheets, and homework). These are some materials included. I am currently using the Todos Preparados curriculum in Spanish 1 and 2 high school grades.”
~ “Excellent resource! Facebook page available for additional questions about the plans.”


Spanish One and Two Lesson Plans and Curriculum

Spanish One and Two Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year by Angie Torre

Save $109 by buying the bundle. That’s 15% off!

The textbook title, Todos preparados speaks for the results teachers and students experience: Teachers will be prepared to teach with NO-PREP resources and students will become proficient and prepared to function in a global society.

These Spanish One and Two Lesson Plans are aligned with National Standards (World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages – The 5 Cs: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities), the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and Can-Do Statements, and the California World Language Content Standards.

NO TEXTBOOK NEEDED! However, you may use this curriculum to supplement your current textbook. (Why spend tens of thousands of dollars for a textbook when this curriculum provides much more for much less?)

This curriculum is kid-tested, refined during 30 years of teaching. Lesson plans include comprehensible input, TPR Stories, videos, games, engaging Power Points, interactive notebook activities, songs, audios for absent students, and much more.

★ ★ CLICK here to see a short video of what is included (This video showcases Spanish Two content but the same resources are provided for all levels.): Angie Torre’s Lesson Plans and Curriculum


This curriculum includes but is not limited to the following resources:
4,362 PowerPoint slides

30 PowerPoints

~El alfabeto
~Los saludos
~Los mandates
~Classroom Objects
~Los numeros
~Days & Months
~Los infinitivos
~Los pronombres de sujeto
~Conjugation of Regular Verbs
~Preguntas Tú, usted, ustedes
~Ser TPR Story
~Los adjetivos
~Los plurales
~Position of Adjectives
~Preguntas- How to Form Questions in Spanish
~Dos verbos: How to Use Two Verbs in a Sentence
~Ir, Venir, Places PPT, TPRS, Activities
~Spanish Clothing PowerPoint
~Tener PowerPoint and TPR Story
~La familia
~Los adjetivos posesivos for Sp 1
~Spanish Estar, Places and Emotions PowerPoint
~La hora
~La comida
~El tiempo
~Go Verbs PowerPoint
~Stem-Changing Verbs
~Los deportes

~82 Bell Ringers
~Illustrated TPR Stories
~Spanish Google Drive Activities
~Wall Posters

1,339 pages of editable printables, handouts, which include SOME of the following:

~Table of Contents FREE
~104 seventy to eighty-minute Lesson Plans (However, you may pace your lesson for any length of period because all resources are also available in their own separate folders. For example, all homework is in its own folder, all student handouts in its folder, etc.)
~Extra Lesson Plans for the Traditional Schedule
~Extra activities for the Regular Schedule
~Extra Lessons on Culture
~34 Tests and Quizzes
~34 Student Handouts
~100 Homework Assignments with PowerPoint Answers
~30 Spanish One Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities each with multiple pages and activities
~35 Paired and Group Activities
~Tons of Games: Kahoot, Quizlet Live, competitions, Ball Game, Board Game, Grab Game, Pictionary to name a few

Also included are:

Thirteen Videos with Spanish subtitles and visuals to aid in comprehension

~Four Gustar Video Puppet Shows
~¿Qué te gusta hacer?
~La ropa
~Los adjetivos posesivos
~El presente progresivo
~Ir + a + infinitivo
~Los saludos
~El verbo SER
~¿De dónde eres?
~La hora y las clases

Audio files are also Included:

Resources needed for this curriculum:

~Two Judy clocks (optional)
~Two or three people puppets
~White boards


~103 ninety-minute lesson plans based on the EDI model. They can easily be modified for the regular schedule. (Everything you need for each day’s lesson is included in that day’s folder.)
~Extra lesson plans and activities for the regular schedule
~Table of Contents FREE
~27 Power Points (2,521 slides)
~31 Interactive Notebook Activities and Foldables (263 slides, 153 docs)

~3 Google Drive Activities (79 slides, 19 docs)
~~Syllabus for Spanish Two with Learning Targets
~72 Bell Ringers (305 Power Point Slides)
~Learning Objectives
~Attention Getters in the form of cartoons, jokes, and photos
~Tension indicating what students will do to show proficiency at the end of each lesson
~List of items necessary for each lesson
~52 Student Handouts and Grammar Explanations(105 documents)
~100 Homework Assignments with PowerPoint Answers(514 slides; 200 documents)
~Alternate Homework Assignments
~29 Tests, Midterm, Final with PowerPoint Answers (13 slides, 213 docs, 4 audio files)
~40 TPR Stories and Comprehensible Input: Illustrated TPR Story Power Points, Puppet Shows, Videos, Songs; dialogues; input using the concepts repeatedly in context
(423 slides, 156 docs, 2 Audio files, 2 videos)
~Instructional Strategies for the Teacher
~Rubrics for all activities
~73 Student-Centered Activities (Paired and Group Activities, Games, Competitions; Cloze Activities; White Board Activities) (156 slides, 200 docs)

Also included are:
~Audio files and videos for absent students
~Culture lesson plans
~Listening practice with native speakers

★★Spanish Videos for comprehensible input of the following concepts:
Spanish Video for Saber y conocer
Spanish Video for the Present Progressive
Spanish Reflexive Verbs Video Puppet Shows
Spanish Video for los comparativos
Spanish Video for the Object Pronouns

The concepts included in the order of instruction:


~Los mandatos: commands students should recognize
~Frases útiles: review of phrases students should know how to say
~Conjugations of Regular Verbs
~How to Form Questions in Spanish: Spanish Preguntas Power Point
~Ser: Spanish “Ser” PowerPoint and TPR Story
~Spanish Preguntas, “Tú, Usted, Ustedes”: Spanish Preguntas Tú, Usted, Ustedes PowerPoint
~ Ir, Venir: Ir, Venir, Places PPT, TPRS, Activities
~Ir + a + infinitivo
~Dos verbos: How to Use Two Verbs in a Sentence: How to Use Two Verbs in a Sentence PPT


~Weather and clothes vocabulary:Weather PPT only
~Go Verbs PowerPoint: Spanish Go Verbs PowerPoint
~Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs: Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs PowerPoint
~Sports (Extra lesson plan for the regular schedule) : Sports PPT & INBs
~House and Chores: House & Chores PPT & INB Activites
~Saber y Conocer: Spanish Saber Conocer PowerPoint
~Spanish Object Pronouns: Spanish Object Pronouns PowerPoint
~The Personal A in Spanish: A Personal Activities & TPR Story $3
~Prepositions of Direction: Spanish Prepositions Power Point & INB
~Tú commands: Mandatos Commands Activities & TPRS
~Ser, estar: Spanish Ser Estar PowerPoint
~Present Progressive: Spanish Progressive Tenses or Gerund PowerPoint
~Preterite: Regular and Irregular: Spanish Preterite PPTs & Curriculum Bundle
~Reflexive Verbs: Spanish Reflexive Verbs PowerPoint
~Spanish Body and Health: Spanish Body and Health PowerPoint
~Demonstrative adjectives
~Comparisons & Superlative: Comparatives
~Hace que; desde cuando: Hace que, Desde que PPT & TPRS
~Places Spanish Places Digital Interactive Notebook Activity

Places Los lugares Power Point & Curriculum

Your students will love Spanish One and Two Lesson Plans and Curriculum and so will you!

Click here to learn about How to Write an Effective Lesson Plan



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