Spanish One Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year

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Todos preparados Lesson Plans and Curriculum is kid-tested, refined during 30 years of teaching. Lesson plans include comprehensible input, TPR Stories, videos, games.

Eengaging Power Points, interactive notebook activities, songs, audios for absent students, and much more.



Foreign Language, Spanish
Grade Levels
7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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PowerPoint Presentations, Lesson Plans (Bundled), Whole Courses

What Buyers Have Said:
“This is an amazing resource! I have purchased a Spanish curriculum from another TPT seller and her product pales in comparison to Angie Torre’s product. My students leave the classroom excited and happy, and not only that but this curriculum is more rich and in-depth than anything I have seen. My students are learning and comprehending SOOOO much more! Thank you Angie!”
~ “This is one of the best investments I have ever made. The curriculum is complete of everything you may imagine. I like that it has a grammar component, it is communicative, it has CI, tons of culture… I mean it has everything… Just make your life easier and buy it. You will not regret it!”
~ “Absolutely thrilled to use this in my level one course this year!”
~”This material is so thorough! Videos are amazing! This makes a teacher’s life so easy. This is such a cost-effective curriculum for schools that don’t have money for textbooks! You can use this to teach without having a textbook! Great buy for rural schools!!!!”
~”I am so very glad I bought this! My worst quality as a teacher is my inability to create a curriculum map and sequence things in a cohesive manner and this helped me SO much! It has saved me a ton of time and my students really enjoy the activities provided. Thank you! Hands down a terrific buy! Once I build my program up to having Spanish 2, I will be back for that one as well. Thanks again!
~ “This product has great information for any Spanish 1 class. I had to do some adjustments for virtual learning, but not much! This product has EVERYTHING I need for my Spanish 1 classes. All I have to do is teach the material! This is especially helpful because I am a doctoral student writing a dissertation. I Love this product and intend to use it for years to come! This is a must-buy for all! It has notes, PowerPoints, worksheets, videos, tests, quizzes, and much more! If you are a teacher on the go, this product will help. It gives me the opportunity to focus on more of the personal needs of my students without overwhelming myself with what I need to teach next! Thank you!”
~ “This is definitely a lifesaver! As a new teacher, figuring out what to teach, how to teach, lesson planning, etc is extremely overwhelming, this will definitely save me tons of time & stress. It’s a bit overwhelming to figure everything out at first, given the tons of resources included, but it all makes sense after a while!”
~ “This is a truly great resource for teaching Spanish 1. I love the interactive notebook and the fact that I don’t need a text to follow the curriculum.”
~ “I am using this lessons plan and it saved tons of time!. It has plenty materials to show, print, and also very detailed on how to use it. Recommendable!”


These lesson plans are aligned with National Standards (World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages – The 5 Cs: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities), the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and Can-Do Statements, and the California World Language Content Standards. Digital versions are included for 1:1 classrooms and distance learning. (Google Slides, autocorrecting Google Forms activities, and Google Drive Activities.)

NO TEXTBOOK NEEDED! However, you may use this curriculum to supplement your current textbook. (Why spend tens of thousands of dollars for a textbook when this curriculum provides much more for much less?)

This curriculum is kid-tested, refined during 30 years of teaching. Lesson plans include comprehensible input, TPR Stories, videos, games, engaging PowerPoints, interactive notebook activities, songs, audios for absent students, and much more.

The textbook title, “Todos preparados” speaks for the results teachers and students experience: Teachers will be prepared to teach with NO-PREP resources and students will become proficient and prepared to function in a global society.

★ Click here to see a short video of the Spanish One Interactive Notebook
(A link to a video demonstrating how I organize the interactive notebook, page by page is included in the product.)

★ ★ ★ CLICK here to see a short video of what is included (This video showcases Spanish Two content but the same resources are provided for all levels.): Todos preparados Lesson Plans and Curriculum by Angie Torre


I have been teaching Spanish for over 30 years.

During the five years I taught AP Spanish, all of my students passed except one and that during my first year of teaching AP. Most of my students are non-natives and non-heritage speakers.

My principal nominated me for Teacher of the Year.

I am one of the top TPT sellers in the High School Category.

For my staff, I facilitated and presented a workshop on EDI (Explicit Direct Instruction) Lesson Planning. I also created and presented a workshop on Total Physical Response (TPR) storytelling, Strategies for Visual Learners, and other instructional strategies.

I worked as a Consulting Teacher for two years mentoring participating teachers on quality lesson planning, instructional strategies, engaging activities, TPR Storytelling, equity, and classroom management.

I wrote and facilitated numerous workshops for beginning and veteran teachers, in and outside of my district, on lesson planning, classroom management, instructional strategies, TPR Storytelling, How to Teach Grammar in the Target Language, Equity, Strategies for Visual Learners and more.


Ser PowerPoint and TPR Story

Wonderful! My students LOVED the story – they were really into it!

¿Qué te gusta hacer? Video

I love these videos! Keep ’em coming!

Spanish Google Drive Bundle

Saved me so much time!

Interactive Notebook Activities

Excellent resource!!! Very thorough!!!

Spanish One PowerPoints and Curriculum

Angie created an amazing resource, it took me nearly all Sunday just to go through all the resources. Directions are clear, stories and activities seem to be engaging and relevant. It’s going to save me a ton of planning.

This has been such a huge help to me when I am planning my classes. Gracias.

This curriculum includes but is not limited to the following resources:

4,362 PowerPoint slides

  • 30 PowerPoints

~82 Bell Ringers
~Illustrated TPR Stories
~Spanish Google Drive Activities
~Wall Posters

  • 1,339 pages of editable printables, handouts, which include SOME of the following:

~FREE Table of Contents
~FREE Spanish One Curriculum Map
~104 seventy to eighty-minute Lesson Plans (However, you may pace your lesson for any length of period because all resources are also available in their own separate folders. For example, all homework is in its own folder, all student handouts in its folder, etc.)
~Topical Lesson Plans for those who prefer to teach the concepts in a different order
~Extra Lesson Plans for the Traditional Schedule
~Extra activities for the Regular Schedule
~Extra Lessons on Culture
~34 Tests and Quizzes
~34 Student Handouts
~100 Homework Assignments with PowerPoint Answers
~30 Spanish One Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities each with multiple pages and activities
~35 Paired and Group Activities
~Tons of Games: Kahoot, Quizlet Live, competitions, Ball Game, Board Game, Grab Game, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, to name a few


  • Thirteen Videos with Spanish subtitles and visuals to aid in comprehension

~Four Gustar Video Puppet Shows
~¿Qué te gusta hacer?
~La ropa
~Los adjetivos posesivos
~El presente progresivo
~Ir + a + infinitivo
~Los saludos
~El verbo SER
~¿De dónde eres?
~La hora y las clases
~Audio files


~Two Judy clocks (optional)
~Two or three people puppets
~White boards



THIS CURRICULUM WILL BE SHARED WITH YOU IN DROPBOX. INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN THE DOWNLOAD. If you would prefer that I send you a flash drive, please see instructions.


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Your students will love this Spanish One Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year.

Buy them in a bundle and save a bundle: Spanish One and Two Lesson Plans and Curriculum


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