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This 81-slide PowerPoint on the Spanish A personal is a complete lesson going from recognition to production which includes an explanation, demonstration, checking for understanding, practice and a competition for closure.

The Spanish Personal A PowerPoint begins with the personal A in context with photographs that illustrate each sentence and a comparison of sentences with and without the personal a.

The Spanish Personal A PowerPoint also includes the following:

~a comparison of the personal “a” with the Spanish preposition A and explanation of the difference in meaning.
~an illustration of the personal “a” for pets
~an explanation of a + al= al and the three exceptions shown in context
~uses of “who” and “whom” to explain the difference between “quién” and “a quién”
~an activity in which students determine if the sentence is correct or incorrect and why
~a practice in which students complete the sentence with the “a” personal or nothing and explain why
~a competition doing the same.

Then the Spanish Personal A PowerPoint goes into more depth exploring how to ask and answer questions using “¿A quién?”, “¿Quién?” and “¿A quién le..? and demonstrating the difference. Students answer questions using the personal “a” and the preposition “a”. In the last activity of the PowerPoint, students must provide the questions for the answers given.

The activities are meant to work in conjunction with the PowerPoint, “PowerPoint on the Personal A in Spanish”. After teaching the personal “a”, these activities provide comprehensible input, practice, and assessment.

Included are:

~a TPR story with many examples of the personal “a” in which students find and highlight the personal “a”
~an activity in which students answer questions in Spanish that begin with, “¿A quién?, ¿Quién?, and ¿A quién le..?” and provide the questions to the answers given
~a test in which students must insert the personal “a” or “al” where needed and must answer questions which begin with, “¿Quién?, ¿A quién?, and ¿A quién le..?”, and fill in a cloze story with the “a” personal where appropriate.

Also included are instructions on how to use the activities and TPR story. The TPR story is about a girl who invites a man to dinner. The man doesn’t show up until really late because something unusual happens to him.

Spanish Personal A Interactive Notebook Activities

~ Interactive Notebook Foldable with Four Activities: students write sentences with objects and NO personal A; students write sentences with people and animals with the personal A; students answer, “¿A quién…?” questions with direct objects; students answer, “¿A quién le…?” questions with indirect objects and students write the verb exceptions

~Activity in which students write, “a, al” or, “X” (for NO personal “a”)

~Activity in which students answer questions, “¿Quién….?/¿A quién…?/ ¿A quién le?”

~Activity in which, given the answer, students write the logical question

~Student Handout which explains when to use the “A personal” and when not to, the difference between, “¿Quién?“,¿A quién?”, and “¿A quién le…?”; the exceptions; al and a la

~PowerPoint answers to all the Activities

~PowerPoint instructions for the students

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