Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs PowerPoint & Interactive Notebook Activity


This 115-slide PowerPoint with engaging visuals is a complete lesson on Stem-Changing Verbs. Includes a comparison of regular and stem-changing conjugations, an explanation of which syllable changes, handouts, Interactive Notebook and flip-book activities and much more.


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7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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PowerPoint Presentations, Lesson Plans (Bundled), Interactive Notebooks


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Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activity by Angie Torre. Spanish Grammar

This 115-slide Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs PowerPoint is a complete lesson on Stem-Changing Verbs in Spanish. This PowerPoint includes the following:
~A comparison of regular verb conjugations to stem-changing verbs
~an explanation of which syllable changes and a check for understanding
~E-IE verbs with engaging pictures and language in context and frequent checking for understanding of the meaning of the verbs
~practice with “pensar en, pensar que, pensar de and pensar +infinitivo”
~Spanish Stem-changing Verbs PowerPoint: a brief introduction of reflexive stem-changing verbs and a check for understanding so that students can have high-frequency verbs in their repertoire
~O-UE stem-changing verbs
~E-I stem-changing verbs
~U-UE (jugar) stem-changing verb and practice questions with jugar
~a comparison of “pedir” and “perder” as students tend to confuse them and a check for understanding
~a comparison of volver and devolver and a check for understanding
~conjugation practice
~a closure activity in which students write complete sentences in Spanish using the stem-changing verbs
~a bell practice in which students find the error of the ridiculous sentence and write a logical sentence using the stem-changing verbs
~a comparison between the verbs, “pedir” and “preguntar”
~examples with comprehensible input and check for understanding and practice
~questions with “pedir” and “preguntar”.

Also included are:
~Spanish Stem-changing Verbs PowerPoint Student Handout with conjugations of the stem-changing verbs & explanation of the verb “pensar” and how to use it.
~Interactive Flip Book with cloze sentences
~Interactive Notebook Activity in which students practice the use of “pensar en; pensar que; pensar + infinitivo; pensar de”

The verbs taught in this Stem-Changing Verbs PowerPoint are the following: (o-u) jugar, (i-ie) preferir, cerrar, querer, cerrar, perder, empezar, comenzar, pensar, entender, sentirse, sentarse, divertirse; (o-ue) poder, recordar, morir, devolver, encontrar, volar, contar, dormir, llover, volver, almorzar, (e-i) pedir, seguir, servir, repetir.

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