Spanish Sub Plans for Spanish One, Two, and Three


These Spanish sub plans solve the problem of, “How can I give my students comprehensible input when I’m not there and I have a sub who may or may not speak Spanish?” and, “How can I find time to cover culture?” Students can work independently because the story uses many cognates, visuals to aid in comprehension, and a vocabulary list on each page.
Grade Levels
9-12; Homeschool
Resource Type
Lesson Plans, PowerPoint Presentations; Printables
What Buyers Have Said:
~ “VERY comprehensive sub plans. I am looking forward to using these next school year. Our building subs will not be able to say that the plans were not adequate! Thank you for creating meaningful plans!”
~ “Great resource! Thanks!”
~ “I picked out stuff from this to have ready for subs, just in case. Good resource.”
~ “Life saver for sure! Thanks!”
~ “This whole thing lives in my sub binder. Honestly best activity to have for emergencies.”
~ “Just what I needed for my required sub folder.”



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