Spanish Time La hora PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities


Here is everything you need to teach, La hora,” Spanish Time to your students: 203-slide PowerPoint with practices and competition, student handouts, and two hands-on interactive notebook activities that keep students engaged.


Foreign Language, Spanish
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6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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PowerPoint Presentations, Printables, Interactive Notebooks


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Telling Time in Spanish: Students learn, step-by step, how to tell time in Spanish with engaging visuals, practices every few slides, and Interactive Notebook and Listening Activities.

This Telling Time in Spanish PowerPoint includes the following resources:

203-slide La hora PowerPoint

~Time depicted on clocks and in Spanish beginning with, “Es la una Y diez” and ending with, “Son las dos MENOS diez”
~Check for Understanding and practice activities in which students write the time in Spanish
~Competition Closure Activity
~The expressions, “Empieza a…; Es a…; termina a…;”
~Check for Understanding in which students answer questions about when events begin and end


~Spanish Time PowerPoint Student Handout on, “La hora” expressions and how to tell time in Spanish
~Student Handout with a clock and the times in Spanish
~Two Interactive Notebook Activity in which students draw the time they hear on the clocks
~Two Scripts for the Activities above
~Interactive Notebook Activity in which students answer questions about when events begin and end

There are quite a few slides in the PowerPoint. I did not use them all because my students had mastered the concept. They are there if your students need more practice or you may choose to delete them in order to make the presentation shorter.

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Your students will love Spanish Time PowerPoint.

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