Spanish Two Student Handouts for an Entire Year


Includes review of Spanish One vocabulary and concepts and 105 pages of editable printables with explanations and demonstrations of all the Spanish Two vocabulary, verbs, and concepts.

Foreign Language, Spanish
Grade Levels
8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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Handouts, Printables, Scaffolded Notes


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Spanish Two Student Handouts for an Entire Year: This product contains all of the grammar explanations, conjugations, and vocabulary for Spanish Two concepts.

Spanish 2 Handouts and Cheat-Sheets include the following resources:

~Spanish Two Learning Targets


~el alfabeto
~List of 74 Regular and Irregular Verbs in the infinitive form in Spanish and English
~List of Commands (los mandatos) in Spanish and English
~Frases útiles; frases útiles quiz
~Subject Pronouns and Conjugations of Regular Verbs
~Explanation of How to ask yes/no Questions and Interrogative Questions in Spanish
~List of 57 Adjectives in Spanish and English
~The Verb, “Ir” and “a + el = al”
~Conjugation of the Verb, “Ser” with questions and answers
~List of 24 places in Spanish and English
~Spanish Handout for the Family Vocabulary in Spanish and English
~Ir + a + infinitivo and a practice activity
~La hora, Time Vocabulary
~Las preguntas, “Tú, Usted, Ustedes” with questions and answers
~Dos verbos, “How to Use Two Verbs in a Sentence”
~Spanish Handout for Weather, Clothes, Seasons, and Expressions Vocabulary
~Study Guide for Review Test
~List of 48 Classroom Objects in Spanish and English


~GO Verbs (irregular verbs), expressions with, “hacer”, and, “salir”, and the use of the prepositions, “de, para, con” with the verb, “salir”
~List of 44 Stem-changing Verbs in Spanish and English used in context of sentences
~Conjugations of Stem-changing Verbs and different ways to use the verb, “pensar” (pensar + infinitivo, pensar EN, pensar DE, pensar QUE)
~Pedir, preguntar
~Sports Vocabulary with Places and Expressions
~House and Chores vocabulary with the expressions, “tener que, tener ganas de, tener razón”, and, “estar equivocado”
~Saber vs. Conocer, “conocer a…”
~Personal, “A” explanation and the difference between, “¿Quién?, ¿A quién?,” and, “¿A quién le?”
~Five Handouts: Direct and indirect object pronouns: the order of pronouns; list of verbs that use direct, and those that use indirect object pronouns; contrast between subject and object pronouns; explanation and modeling of direct and indirect object pronouns
~Me Te Nos
~Palabras de conexión for writing
~Prepositions of Direction and commands with a practice activity
~Affirmative Tú commands
~List of 47 Places in Spanish and English and related expressions and verbs
~Uses of Ser and Estar with expressions for each
~Progressive Tense
~Preterite: Regular and Irregular Verbs; Dar y Ver; Stem-changing Verbs; Pretérito: -IR stem-changing verbs; Regular and Irregular Verbs; Preterite: CAR, GAR, ZAR Verbs
~Summary of All the Preterite
~Reflexive Verbs: comparison of structure and meaning of reflexive and non-reflexive verbs; list of 58 reflexive verbs; conjugation of stem-changing reflexive verbs; después de / antes de / para + infinitivo and a practice activity; ¿Cuándo se Usa, “le”? with Reflexive Verbs
~Objetos de la rutina diaria: List of Objects of the Daily Routine
~Body and Health Vocabulary
~Para hablar de la salud; the verb, “Doler”
~Expresiones con el verbo, “Tener” (tener frío, calor, miedo, etcétera)
~Los comparativos (más que… / menos que…/ tan…como) y los superlativos: comparisons with adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and verbs
~Los adjetivos y pronombres demostrativos
~Las expresiones, “hace que” y “¿Desde cuándo?”

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