Spanish Uses of Se from Reflexive to Non-intentional


Spanish Uses of Se from Reflexive to Non-intentional is a 50-slide PowerPoint covering all the uses of the word, “se” in Spanish, reflexive pronoun, each other, double object pronoun, impersonal construction, la voz pasiva, non-intentional “se”. It is llustrated with high-interest images and is a complete lesson with quiz at end.

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SE is used in so many ways in Spanish and has so many different meanings from the se impersonal to the voz pasiva. This PowerPoint takes away the confusion by teaching each use separately and explaining the differences. Uses covered: se impersonal, reflexive pronoun, double-object pronoun, reciprocal, non-intentional, and passive voice. Digital version included.

Click the following link for a longer video preview: All the Uses of the Spanish Pronoun Se


This 72-slide Spanish Se PowerPoint covers all the uses of the word “se” in Spanish in the following order:

  • As a reflexive pronoun (Se baña.)
  • As meaning “each other” (Se escriben.) reciprocal
  • As a double pronoun (Se lo doy)
  • The impersonal construction, (Se habla espanol)
  • La voz pasiva with and without an agent
  • Practice with singular and plural subjects (Se construyó una casa. Se venden zapatos)
  • Comparison of active and passive voice (Aprendes mucho. Se aprende mucho.)
  • The grammatical construction of “se” in non-intentional actions (Se me perdió el libro.)
  • Practice with verbs that most often use that construction.

Also included:

  • Spanish Se Student Handout that explains the following: Se impersonal o la voz pasiva con “se”; el uso impersonal del pronombre reflexivo “se”; otras posibilidades; la voz pasiva con y sin agente
  • Google Slides digital version for use in Google Classroom, other Google platforms, and distance learning

Most explanations are illustrated with pictures or clip art for high interest. The “Uses of se from reflexive to non-intentional” PowerPoint is a complete lesson moving from explanation to checking for understanding to guided practice with question/answer for comprehensible input. There is a quiz at the end with illustrations that students must describe using the non-intentional construction. All answers are provided.

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Uses of se by Angie Torre is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

This Spanish Uses of Se is a necessary lesson in the teaching of reflexive verbs and passive tense.

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