Vocabulary for Triángulo aprobado, Los desafíos mundiales, for AP Spanish


These vocabulary activities and assessments supplement the book, “Triángulo Aprobado” chapter one, “Los Desafíos Mundiales” for AP Spanish.

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11th, 12th, Homeschool
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Activities, Assessment, Printables


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~ “It was nice to have some resources to go with this book. Triángulo Aprobado did not come with any appropriate vocabulary lists. This was a live saver! Thank you for your hard work!”
~ “Fabulous addition to what Triángulo is offering. The more activities differ for the students, the better!”
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These vocabulary activities and assessments supplement the book, “Triángulo Aprobado” for the theme, “Los desafíos mundiales” for AP Spanish Language and Culture. Digital versions are included for distance learning.

Vocabulary for Los desafíos mundiales for AP Spanish includes the following resources:

  • Cover page, “Triángulo Aprobado, Los desafíos mundiales”
  • Vocabulary lists with synonyms, definition and use in context
  • URL for site (Quizlet) where students can hear the word, practice with flash cards and play games for more repetition
  • Quiz for each of the six subchapters of “Los desafíos mundiales” in which students fill in the missing word, pair synonyms and write sentences using the vocabulary
  • Answers to quizzes
  • Activity for in-class or homework in which students interact with the vocabulary
  • Google Slides digital versions for use in Google Classroom, other Google and digital platforms, and distance learning

Many of the sentences for the vocabulary in context come from the readings in, “Triángulo Aprobado, Los Desafíos Mundiales” for AP Spanish or from, “Wordreference”.

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