Spanish Four PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle

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9-12; Homeschool
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PowerPoint Presentations; Lesson Plans; Whole Courses; Activities

What Buyers Have Said:
~ “The resources and materials in this bundle are great and looks like they will be of great help.”
~ “This is the first time I’m teaching Spanish 4, and our district doesn’t have a curriculum! I have just 5 students, with a single AP kid thrown in, and I was floundering. My 4’s aren’t quite good enough to work with the AP curriculum yet, so I needed something that was level appropriate while still being “pre-AP”. I wish I had purchased this a month ago! The amount and quality of resources available with this package was worth every single penny.”
~ “Great to add to your collection of materials for Spanish 3/4 students.”
~ “This is such a detailed resource. Thank you so much for putting all of this together.”
~ “Excellent resource for my Spanish 4 Students. So many great things to do with them. I can’t wait until September until I can really begin to use everything in its entirety.”
~ “Everything you need to develop a Spanish 4 curriculum Super helpful.”



Save $75 by buying all the Spanish Four PowerPoints and Curriculum in one bundle!!

This, Spanish Four PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle has 6,578 PowerPoint slides, 2,303 Word documents, 16 videos and 3 audio files. Most PowerPoints are complete lessons with instruction, check for understanding, guided practice and closure. 89 days of lesson plans are included in this bundle.

This Spanish Four PowerPoints and Curriculum is kid-tested, refined during 31 years of teaching. Lesson plans include comprehensible input, TPR Stories, games, videos, engaging Power Points, interactive notebook activities, songs, audios for absent students, and much more.

These resources include some AP Themes and Pre-AP Activities to prepare students for AP Spanish: interpersonal speaking (conversación simulada), oral presentation, (comparisons) interpersonal writing (emails) and authentic listening practices. College Board Rubrics or modified rubrics are used to evaluate the activities.


I have been teaching Spanish for 31 years.

Since I have been teaching AP Spanish, all of my students have passed except one. Most have passed with 4s and 5s. Last year, 75% of my AP Spanish students had gone directly from Spanish Three to AP Spanish, skipping Spanish Four. They all passed the AP Spanish Language and Culture Test.

Two years ago, my principal nominated me for Teacher of the Year.

For my staff, I facilitated and presented a workshop on EDI (Explicit Direct Instruction) Lesson Planning.

I worked as a Consulting Teacher for two years mentoring participating teachers on quality lesson planning, instructional strategies, engaging activities, TPR Story-Telling, equity, strategies for visual learners, how to teach grammar in the target language, and classroom management.


~Spanish Accents Lesson Plans and Curriculum: Super well-done! I am learning as I read all the material! / Loved it! Very easy explanations.

~Spanish Subjunctive Lesson Plans: Love this step by step way to teach subjunctive! / This was a lifesaver for teaching the subjunctive.

~AP Spanish Summer Homework: Awesome! / ¡Fenomenal! / Fantastic!

~Comprehensible Input: Awesome TPR Bundle! Extremely useful!

~How to Write an Essay for Spanish Four and AP: Very useful tool for my Spanish 4 students! / Great product—detailed, organized, and a great tool for students to use as they improve their writing skills in the target language. Thanks!

This Spanish Four PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle includes, but is not limited to, the following:

~26 PowerPoints
~Day One Lesson Plan
~Instructions for the teacher and necessary supplementary materials
~ Accents Lesson Plans
~ Present Tense Lesson Plans
~ Ser estar Lesson Plans
~ Subjunctive No-Prep Lesson Plans
~Imperfect Preterite Lesson Plans & Curriculum
~No-Prep Preterite Lesson Plans and Curriculum
~How to Write an Essay PowerPoint and Activities
~AP Spanish Summer Homework
~Bell Work
~Comprehensible Input including 17 videos
~16 Videos
~8 Culture Lessons
~Games and Competitions
~Interactive Notebook Activities
~Listening Activities
~5 Novels and Readings Activities and Assessments
~Paired and Group Activities
~Speaking Activities
~Student Handouts
~Tiempos Compuestos
~Expressions for To Become: TPR Story and Activities
~La voz pasiva PowerPoint and Activities
~Answers to Homework Assignments
~Tests and Quizzes

Spanish Four PowerPoints and Curriculum

The first semester of Spanish Four covers many of the same grammar concepts as Spanish Three in order to give students a solid foundation for the subjunctive. For this reason, some lesson plans are the same as for Spanish Three. The concepts and vocabulary are recycled with frequent TPR Stories, narrations and comprehensible input incorporating the verb tenses so that students not only communicate accurately but with a varied and appropriate vocabulary.

Supplementary materials you must buy in order to use these resources:
1. Novel, “Cajas de carton” for your students
2. Novel, “Los ojos de Carmen” for students
3. Repaso (for grammar practice) National Textbook Company. ISBN-10 0844274127; ISNB-13 9780844274126
4. Blaine Ray’s stories, “El robo”, “La chica social” and, “El restaurante elegante”:
Optional materials
1. ALBUM by Rebecca M. Valette & Joy Renjilian-Burgy


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Engage your students with Spanish Four PowerPoints and Curriculum.


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