Spanish Irregular Preterite PowerPoint


94-slide Spanish Irregular Preterite PowerPoint includes: expressions used with the preterite; demonstration of lack of accent; irregular preterite tense endings and stems; all the irregular preterite verbs used in context with engaging visuals; estar, tener, andar, saber, poner, poder, hacer, querer, venir, ir, ser, decir, traer, dar, ver; comparison between, andar and ir 

Foreign Language, Spanish
Grade Levels
9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Resource Type
PowerPoint Presentations, Minilessons

What Buyers have said:
~ “Very thorough amazing PowerPoint on irregulars in the preterite! Super well done!”
~ “So helpful with reviewing!”
~ “Excellent resource!”
~ “Great purchase. I love your products.”



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