Spanish Preterite Imperfect No-Prep Lesson Plans and Curriculum


This curriculum is kid-tested after 30 years of taking out the kinks. Lesson plans include comprehensible input, TPR Stories, games, engaging Power Points, interactive notebook activities.

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Spanish Preterite Imperfect No-Prep Lesson Plans and Curriculum Product Description:

Spanish Preterite Imperfect No-Prep Lesson Plans and Curriculum by Angie Torre

Everything you need to teach the Imperfect vs. Preterite! Save 25% by buying the bundle!

This curriculum is kid-tested after 30 years of taking out the kinks. Lesson plans include comprehensible input, TPR Stories, games, engaging Power Points, interactive notebook activities.

Note: These lessons follow the teaching of the preterite tense.

This Spanish Imperfect Preterite Lesson Plans and Curriculum includes the following:

POWERPOINTS: (273 slides)
~Imperfect Preterite Power Point (96 slides) which includes:
a. Password for the Power Point: THIS POWER POINT IS PASSWORD PROTECTED. If you cannot open it after updating Microsoft Office, please contact me.
b. Conjugations of regular verbs and irregular verbs and the verb “haber”
c. Practices and competitions in which students complete the sentences and paragraphs with verbs in the imperfect tense
d. Explanation of when to use the Imperfect and Preterite with visuals
EL PRETÉRITO: acciones terminadas; que tienen un fin; que occurren una vez; una serie de acciones; the main events
EL IMPERFECTO: acciones repetidas, habituales; que duran por mucho tiempo; no se menciona la terminación; acciones en progreso; la hora; la edad; descripciones (estado físico, mental, emocional); el tiempo ; acciones que ocurren simultáneamente (mientras); los pensamientos; the background
e. Palabras asociadas con el pretérito y palabras asociadas con el imperfecto
f. Closure activity in which students choose whether the verb is the imperfect or preterite and say why they chose that tense.
g. Summary of the uses of Preterite and Imperfect
h. The change of meanings of the verbs, “tener, querer, poder, saber, conocer” in the imperfect and preterite and a check for understanding activity

~Five Preterite Imperfect Videos for Comprehensible Input with Scripts, Activities, and Student Handouts
a. Cuando tenía tres años
b. Los globos
c. los huesos
d. Cuando era niña
e. El caballo

NOTE: The best video was too long to fit in this product. If you would like it, please email me at [email protected] and I will share it with you.

~Patito Feo: (30 slides)
~Imperfect Vocabulary Visuals (32 slides)
~Illustrated Story demonstrating the Imperfect and Preterite Tense (35 slides)
~Mont San Victoire: Ilustrated story about an incident that took place in France (13 slides)
~PowerPoint answers to homework
~Bell Work

207 Word Documents which include:
~Sixteen 90-minute Lesson Plans which include the following: EDI Format with explain, check for understanding, guided practice, closure, independent practice; attention getters, tension. EVERYTHING NEEDED FOR THAT DAY’S LESSON IS IN A FOLDER FOR THAT DAY.
~Activities and Lesson Plans for the Regular Schedule
~Homework assignments
~Pre-AP Activities
~Scripts and Activities for the Videos
~Conversación simulada recording, student script, teacher script and College Board Rubric
~Ten TPR Stories and Comprehensible Input with accompanying activities
~Vocabulary for childhood and adolescence used with the imperfect
~Rubrics and grading sheets
~Tests and quizzes: all preterite; imperfect; imperfect vs. preterite
~Student handouts: imperfect conjugations; uses of the preterite and imperfect with expressions used with each; comparison of preterite and imperfect with certain verbs
~Three paired activities, one with visuals
~Two group activities: la cita rápida; eight-stations activity
~I can statement sheet (Yo puedo)
~Presentation rubric and instructions: students describe the pictorial story using the imperfect and preterite
~Games, competitions
~Two Imperfect Preterite Interactive Notebook Activities that correspond with the Imperfecto Pretérito Power Point

**Items recommended for this curriculum: Student white boards; Blaine Ray’s “El restaurante elegante”, “El robo”, and “La chica sociable” if you are on a regular schedule.
Slot board for grammar instruction; people puppets

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