Spanish Three Assessments for an Entire Year


Covers all the concepts and vocabulary for Spanish 3 including los comparatives, vosotros, los reflexivos, el SE impersonal, STEM-changing verbs, vocabulary, el medio ambient, el futuro y el conditional, los demonstratives, los mandatos, el subjuntivo, and more!

Foreign Language, Spanish
Grade Levels
9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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Assessment, Printables




Spanish Three Assessments for an Entire Year Product Description:

Spanish Three Assessments for an Entire Year by Angie Torre

The Spanish Three Assessments for an Entire Year include the following Tests and Quizzes:

~Los comparativos
~Los reflexivos
~El SE impersonal y el SE no intencional
~Present Tense Verbs- Meaning and Conjugation
~Los verbos irregulars, Present Tense Irregular Verbs
~Stem-changing Verbs, los verbos que cambian en la raíz
~TPR Story for Stem-changing Verbs
~STUDY GUIDE for the Midterm
~Practice Midterm
~Midterm- Three-part: scantron, written, reading
~Progressive Tense, el progresivo
~Ser vs. estar
~Irregular Preterite, el pretérito
~All Preterite Test
~Imperfect – El imperfecto, “Mi niñez”
~Vocabulary related to the Imperfect Tense- el vocabulario
~Present Perfect – El presente perfecto
~Vocabulario- El medio ambiente
~Quiz on vocabulary for, “El medio ambiente”
~The Future Tense- el futuro
~Object Pronouns- Los complementos objetos directos e indirectos
~Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns- los demostrativos
~Possessive Pronouns – Los pronombres posesivos
~Hace que; hacía que
~Hace que; ¿desde cuándo?
~Commands- los mandatos
~Subjunctive – el subjuntivo
~Subjunctive, “Las conjunciones de tiempo”
~Subjunctive, “Las cláusulas adjetivales
~All Subjunctive Test
~FINAL with scantron, listening, writing, and essay

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