Simple Tips on How to teach the AP Spanish Email Correo

Are you teaching AP Spanish Language and Culture this year? Do you feel confident in your ability to guide your students to success in each section of the AP Spanish exam? In this post, I will tell you, step-by-step, how to teach the AP Spanish email, el correo electrónico (at least how I taught it. All my students passed except one during the five years I taught AP Spanish.)

Simple Tips on How to Teach the AP Spanish Email Correo

1. Give students a list of all the required components of the email (I do this in a colorful PowerPoint.)

  • They must read and respond to the email within 15 minutes.
  • They must write from 125-150 words.
  • They must use the formal register.
  • They must begin with an appropriate greeting.
  • They must end with an appropriate “despedida”.
  • They must respond to all the questions and requests in the message.
  • They must ask for more information and details.

2. Ask students to tell you what the required components are. (Were they listening?)

3. Give students a list of the vocabulary and expressions they will need to succeed on the task.

Click on the following link to get a FREE LIST of vocabulary for the Correo Electrónico.4. Give students the following suggestions:

4. Give students the following suggestions:

  • Memorize some formal “saludos y despedidas”. Give them a list of formal greetings and leave-takings.
  • Underline the information in the question that must be included in the email.
  • Underline the information in the letter that will help them remember what they have read.
  • Make up things.
  • Read the instructions thoroughly.
  • Number each piece of information.
  • Practice different ways to ask for more information.

5. Read an email with the students from the test-prep booklet.

6. Show students an example of a good email response to that email. Point out each necessary component in the message.

  • Saludo formal
  • Respuestas a las preguntas y peticiones
  • Una solicitación de más información sobre lo que se mencionó en el mensaje
  • Una despedida apropiada
  • El registro formal
  • 125 palabras

7. Give students activities to help them practice and master the use of the formal register.

For example, have them change an informal sentence or question to a formal one. Teach them how to use the formal subject pronouns and direct and indirect object pronouns instead of the informal ones.

8. Tell students to begin writing their response.

The first two times, give them more than 15 minutes. Once they are more proficient in greeting, leave-taking, asking for more information, and organizing their email, adhere to the 15-minute limit.

9. Give students a checklist of required components so they can evaluate their email.

10. Tell students to turn in their email.

Grade it according to the College Board Rubric.

11. Circle the parts on the rubric that are lacking and/or students did well on so they know how to improve. Attach the rubric to the email.

If you would rather not do all the work of writing these lesson plans, use the ready-made ones I have already created. In addition to the Correo Electrónico PowerPoint, the email lessons include all of the above: a sample email response, a checklist, suggestions for the students, vocabulary, plus digital versions for both the Vista Higher Learning AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam Preparation booklet and Triángulo aprobado.

My PowerPoint presentation guides the students, step-by-step, to mastery of writing the email.

Click on the following link to get it: Correo electrónico

The Correo electrónico PowerPoint is included in the AP Spanish PowerPoints for an Entire Year Bundle. The 13-PowerPoint bundle includes el ensayo argumentativo, la conversación simulada, la presentación oral, la lectura y el audio, recordatorios, por y para, los pronombres relativos, el subjuntivo, and others.

If you would like to teach, correct, and  go home, click on the link for the AP Spanish Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year. The lessons do everything for you. These lessons are based on the Vista Higher Learning test prep booklet. If you use Triángulo aprobado, click on the following link: AP Spanish Lesson Plans and Curriculum for Triángulo

I hope this post gives you some ideas on how to teach the AP Spanish email. May all your students pass with a 5!!!

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